Solicitors are experts in the law and best placed to help you successfully obtain a judgment or order

While there are services such as Money Claim Online, these are best used for simple cases where it is unlikely the defendant will dispute the claim.

For any case that is for a higher sum of money or has a degree of complexity, we advise that you seek legal advice. A solicitor can help you in many ways:

  • Getting all the details of the claim correct
  • Representing you a court if the case is contested and needs to be heard by a judge
  • Managing any interpleader claims (where the defendant claims goods seized are exempt, or when a third party claims ownership)

If the case is heard at court or there is an interpleader claim, another advantage of using a solicitor - in addition to their knowledge of the law and the courts process - is that they are not emotionally involved in the case as you might be.

You can find a good solicitor through a number of channels

  • Asking friends, family and business associates for recommendations
  • Via The Law Society
  • From our panel of solicitors around the country