If you have horses that need removing from your land, look no further than The Sheriffs Office.

Our services

Be it one horse or one hundred, we act for private landlords, local authorities and Government agencies. Our specialist and experienced team provides the following services:

  • Planning and risk assessment of the operation to impound, including police liaison and support
  • All legal notices and warnings
  • Full impoundment service
  • Secure equine after-care site and veterinary assessment, with 24 hour emergency care
  • Secure equine hand-over service
  • Ethical re-homing or disposal

We also provide a contact centre for potential owners and a full administration service for claimants.

Clear up

Illegally grazing horses often come with the added problem of stables, corrals, fencing, property and other structures that have been built without consent. We can remove these and clear all waste from the site.

If you have a problem with fly-tipping, we can also clear this and restore your land to its former state.


In addition to the removal of equines, we can advise you on how to secure your land to reduce the risk of fly-grazing, as well as the unauthorised occupation of your land by the horses' owners. We can also monitor a wider area to identify emerging issues that may make your land the next target.

We offer:

  • Regular, documented and photographic/video evidenced visits and monthly reports
  • Free litter removal
  • Larger waste and fly-tipping clearance
  • Fencing and boundary checks and repairs
  • Early warning system of potential illegal grazing through internet monitoring
  • Liaison with police, communities and stakeholders

Eviction of people

If you also have human occupiers, as High Court Enforcement Officers we can remove either under Common Law or a writ of possession.

Download the brochure

Equine Removal Services

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