Squatting in residential premises is now a criminal offence. However this does not extend to land or commercial property and our national eviction team are here to assist.

So, if you do get squatters on land or in a commercial property , you will need to go through the civil courts to apply for a possession order. Unfortunately for property owners, the possession order is often ignored by the squatters. But all is not lost - there are two options available.

  • Removal of trespassers from land under Common Law
  • The writ of possession to remove "persons unknown" from land or property

The Sheriffs Office will transfer the possession order to the High Court on your behalf to get the writ, which our Enforcement Officers will then enforce as soon as possible. We carry out a risk assessment and meticulously plan each case to ensure efficient and fast eviction. We are often supported by the Police on evictions.

Our job is not done until all the squatters have been removed and the property returned to its rightful owner – we have a 100% success rate of evicting squatters.

Where possible, prevention is better than cure and The Sheriffs Office can advise on security measures for empty properties. Property Guardians may also be worth considering, to ensure that the property is occupied by a trusted person to whom you can give as little as one week’s notice.

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Eviction Services

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