Sometimes when you have exhausted all other methods of enforcement you need to take further action by issuing a Statutory Demand

What is a Statutory Demand?

A statutory demand is issued against a debtor, either an individual or a company, who will not pay their debt, providing it is for £750 or more (this minimum will rise to £5,000 in October 2015). Once a statutory demand has been served, if after 21 days the debtor has either not paid or applied to have it set aside you may start bankruptcy or winding-up proceedings.

There are three versions of a statutory demand depending upon which stage the debt is at: 

  • Liquidated sum payable immediately
  • Liquidated sum payable immediately following a judgment
  • Order of the court debt payable at a future date

How The Sheriffs Office can help

For a one-off fee, The Sheriffs Office panel of legal experts will draw up all of the necessary paperwork for a statutory demand and a team of process servers on the road will serve it. The one-off fee also includes a prepared and signed affidavit (proof that the demand was served).

How to instruct us

Contact our legal team who will send you the instruction form to complete. This will then need to be returned along with any supporting documentation i.e. copies of invoices, copies of any judgments relating to the debt etc along with the necessary fee.

The completed paperwork will be returned to you to check and sign and passed onto our team of process servers who will make three attempts to serve it.

Non Solicitors should be aware that we are not a law firm and we do not provide legal advice. This is only a processing service based on the information you provide. If you require advice about any of the issues relating to issuing and service of a statutory demand, you are required to seek independent legal advice accordingly