As CRAR (Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery) does not apply to residential property, you will need to obtain a County Court Judgment (CCJ) against your tenant, and then use our High Court Enforcement Officers to recover your rent arrears.

You can issue your claim using our own Money Claim Online service or your solicitor.

Once you have your judgment, for a court fee of just £66 (payable to HMCTS), we will transfer up your judgment to the High Court for enforcement free of charge.

We will obtain a writ of control (known as a writ of fieri facias or fi fa prior to 6th April 2014) and then attend at the premises, or any other premises where the debtor is now based, to take control of (seize) goods to sell to recover the debt. 

If your tenant has absconded you can also use our Tracing Agents to locate them before issuing your claim.

To instruct The Sheriffs Office, please complete Form N293A.

If you also need to repossess the property, you can apply for a combined writ of control and possession, also using Form N293A.