Aimed at socially conscious companies with volume judgments, Simplicity is an innovative, transparent and ethical approach to enforcing those judgments.

What Simplicity offers you

The fixed fees are transparent to the debtor and explained clearly so as to reduce complaints and queries. The debtor will know what will be incurred at each enforcement stage if they do not clear the debt.

You have access to the power of High Court enforcement

  • The £66 court fee is recovered from the debtor in successful cases and we make no further charge for obtaining the writ
  • The writ allows us to take control of (seize) the debtor’s goods, prompting payment or payment proposals
  • We can leave the assets in situ under a Controlled Goods Agreement (known as a Walking Possession Agreement prior to 6th April 2014) and await your instructions if no payment is made
  • This protects the goods from being taken into control (seizure) by other enforcement agents or interference by other creditors

What makes The Sheriffs Office your ideal partner

We consistently collect more than the industry average – recovering more money in more cases - and are one of the four largest and fastest growing firms of Authorised High Court Enforcement Officers and cover all of England and Wales. All our Enforcement Agents are professional and highly trained, acting with a social conscience and fair treatment of debtors, particularly the vulnerable.

We have a large in-house trace and investigation department locating absconded debtors, with access to a wide range of data sources, and our unique case management system provides the very latest in enforcement technology. Its extensive and user-friendly functionality allows for:

  • Bulk case loading
  • Instant online case management
  • Management of payments, including online payments with no chargeback
  • Client ownership of decisions on next enforcement steps and asset removal