Our nationwide team of experienced Enforcement Agents operate nationwide across England and Wales.

Once we receive the writ we serve the notice of enforcement, and should that expire without payment being made, we then assign the appropriate enforcement team to your case and schedule their visit.

When we arrive, we try to gain peaceable entry to commercial premises. Our extensive powers also include the ability to enter residential premises through an unlocked door or normal means of access. 

When enforcing a judgment where money needs to be paid, our first action is to take control of (seize) the debtor's goods.These can be removed and sold if the debtor fails to pay the sums due. In most cases, the threat of seizure is enough to secure payment.

We attend to collect the judgment amount, your court costs, your  £66 transfer-up court fee, judgment interest at 8%. Our fees and costs are recoverable from the debtor.

Unlike some of our competitors, all of our enforcement agents are highly experienced and certificated by a judge.