The BBC Press Release:

What do you do when you are awarded money in the County Courts but the debtor still won’t pay? You call in The Sheriffs, of course.

The Sheriffs Are Coming is a new series commissioned by BBC Daytime following High Court Enforcement Officers, often known as ‘Sheriffs’, as they travel across the country attempting to recover debts on behalf of their clients.

The programme explores a number of cases where members of the public have won judgments against third parties but have been unable to retrieve any of the money awarded to them. After transferring their judgments to the High Court for enforcement, they’ve turned to Authorised High Court Enforcement Officers to get them their money back.

The ten-part series airs daily on BBC1 at 11am, debuts Monday 19th March and concludes on Friday 30th March.

Each 45-minute programme explores a number of cases where people are out of pocket, desperate to recover their debts, many of them owed thousands of pounds.

Throughout the series, viewers will meet some of people who are struggling to recover their debts as they recount their stories. The cameras then follow some of the Sheriffs as they visit the debtors in an attempt to execute the writ and recover the debt. Most of the debtors are reluctant to pay up despite their legal requirement to do so, and the Sheriffs have to employ a number of tactics to get the debt paid.

Armed only with a chip and pin machine, the Sheriffs often travel in teams of two as not all debtors are pleased to see them. If payment isn’t forthcoming they have the authority to seize goods, cars, jewellery, or any other asset of value. Frequently they’ll get their money, but not before some difficult confrontations.

Enforcement Officer, Lawrence Grix, who features prominently throughout the series adds; “Because of the very nature of what we do, Enforcement Officers often get a bad reputation. Through this programme, we’re hoping viewers will see that we’re working for people who are owed thousands of pounds, many of whom have suffered greatly as a result of these unpaid debts, some of which go back years. They’ve been awarded their judgments fair and square in the Courts and our job is to make sure that these judgments are enforced and our clients are given back what they are owed”.

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