The second series of the BBC One programme has been even more popular than the first, rising from 1.5 million viewers for the first episode, to 1.87 this week.

Here are some of the stories being featured on the show this week and next, including the story of several thousands of pounds worth of diamonds!

Janet’s night-mare horsebox

Janet bought a horsebox for her daughter, a promising young dressage rider, but it turned out to be a nightmare. The head lights failed one December night leaving them to drive through country roads in the dark. The mechanic said the electrics were and everything would go up in flames if driven. Janet took the seller to court and won. But when the Sheriffs arrive, the he is less than pleased to see them and calls the police.

Diamonds are forever

When a couple found out the engagement ring they had just bought was not quite as it seemed, they ended up having to take the jeweller to court, where the Judge agreed that he has misrepresented the ring and had to pay them back. When he still refused to pay they called in the Sheriffs. Did the Sheriffs seize the diamonds? Did they put the sparkle back into love’s young dream?

Turbine trouble

Graham runs a pub on the edge of Dartmoor; with sky high electricity costs and frequent power cuts, he needs another option. He chose to use revolutionary wind turbines. But after waiting a year for them to be installed and then finding out they didn’t work, Graham had had enough and took the supplier to court to get his money back. He asks the Sheriffs for help, but will they be blown away with excuses?

A clean sweep

Kieron was let go from a cleaning company without any notice and no holiday pay. When his former employer didn’t even show up to the employment tribunal hearing, the Judge found in Kieron’s favour. Even then they simply didn’t pay. Kieron contacted the Sheriffs and asked for their help. Could they clean up for Kieron?

Want to watch?

The Sheriffs Are Coming is on BBC One at 11 am every weekday morning until Friday 1st February 2013 and is repeated every morning at 7.05 on BBC Two until Monday 4th February. It is also available on iPlayer.

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