A group called Rainbow Family decided to celebrate the month leading up to the summer solstice by setting up camp in woods along the Wye Valley.

However, they did not have permission to camp there so the managers of the site obtained a possession order to remove them and instructed us to enforce the writ.

Our Enforcement Agent went to the site to plan the eviction. When he got there he realised who they were and went to speak with the group. As expected, he had met many of them before over the years and so they invited him to join their morning council and explain what he was there for and what his options were if they didn’t cooperate.

Their council took a vote and agreed that they should move. Our man helped them to pack and even gave some a lift into town. Upon inspection of the site he found that the group had tidied everything up so much so that you’d have never known they had been there. It was good to see a group of people true to their values.

At The Sheriffs Office, when conducting evictions we are prepared for anything. On this occasion our somewhat unusual approach saved the client considerable time and money through our Enforcement Agent’s own initiative.

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