Last week we were instructed by a client to enforce a judgment against a Government department.

We have been sent cases against other Government departments before and even a young offenders unit.

With all these cases we have done nothing; we’ve taken absolutely no action whatsoever!

The reason why is that they are exempt from enforcement action. We are not sure actually how these cases even got as far as being awarded judgment. They must have slipped through the Money Claim Online net.

There are actually quite a large number of UK Crown bodies that are exempt, as well as royal palaces and premises with diplomatic status, such as embassies and ambassadors’ official residences.

You can see the full list of UK Crown bodies here. All the Government departments are included, as you would expect, but there are some Crown bodies that might surprise you are:

  • Bona Vacantia Division – where estates of those who die intestate and without heirs pass to the Crown
  • Hydrographic Office – navigational information for national, civil and defence navigation
  • The National Archives – 1,000 years of history
  • Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre – with over 400 meetings each year, it earns money for the Exchequer
  • Royal Parks – managing all 8 of the London parks
  • Wilton Park - a conference programme for debate on world political, security and economic issues

And yes, we did have to look some of them up too!

David Carter

David is the former CEO of The Sheriffs Office.

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