The government is still due to pay out refunds totalling £16 million from the employment tribunal fees refund scheme.

Refunds are available to those who paid fees at an Employment Tribunal or Employment Appeals Tribunal between 29th July 2013 and 26th July 2017.

Who paid the fees?

Fees were payable for taking a claim to an employment tribunal.

There were two levels of fee, dependent on the type of claim being made. In certain circumstances, claimants had to pay up to £1,200 which is a significant sum of money.

If you or anyone you know is entitled to a refund you can apply for one online here.

Applying via email or post

The form you use depends on why you paid the fees if any of the following apply:

  • You made the claim on your own and paid the fees
  • A claim was brought against you and you were ordered to pay someone’s fees, or if you paid any other fees to the tribunal
  • You were the ‘lead claimant’ in a joint (‘multiple’) claim for less than 11 people

Use Refund Form 1/2–CR which can be found here, in the following instances:

Use form 3-S, which can be found here if the following applied

  • You paid the fees for someone else to make the claim
  • You were the ‘lead claimant’ in a joint (‘multiple’) claim for over 10 people

An increase in claims

It comes as no surprise that since the fees were abolished there has been an increase of 64 percent in claims, leading to a subsequent backlog of claims, with some cases taking 12-18 months to be heard.

David Asker

David is an authorised High Court Enforcement Officer and our Director of Corporate Governance

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