Debt recovery has some fundamentals which, if observed, can pay dividends in respect to a debt being paid. 

Guest article by James Gordon-Johnson of

We live in an age of information and debt recovery has now progressed to a stage where information is king. The more information a creditor has on their debtor, the more empowered they will be to recover that outstanding debt.

Current address

Always make sure the address you have for the subject is current and correct. If you have any element of doubt, you would be advised to instruct a trace agent to confirm or locate the current address.

The current and correct address not only helps with the debt recovery process, but it will also be essential if you do subsequently need to start a claim in the County Court.

Financial background

Uncover the financial background of your debtor. For instance, do they have a raft of CCJs outstanding against them, where you will become just one of many creditors chasing them?

We can provide a financial background check, which will help you determine your next steps. If you do end up needing to enforce a judgment, this information will help a High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) to identify which assets to take control of.

Employment status

You can find out if the debtor is working via our financial background checks. This knowledge is helpful because:

  • You know they have employment income to satisfy a repayment level
  • You know you can now enforce any CCJ with an attachment of earnings
  • You can counter any excuse of "I do not have any money to repay the debt"

To conclude, the more information that you, as a creditor, have on your debtor, the more empowered you will be to recover an outstanding debt.

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