On Monday 24th November 2014, two enforcement agents from The Sheriffs Office attended an address in Harrow to carry out an eviction under a writ of possession, obtained by the landlord because the female tenant had failed to pay rent for many months.

Due to delays with local court bailiffs, the matter was transferred to High Court enforcement officers at The Sheriffs Office, the Croydon based High Court enforcement agents featured in the BBC1 award-winning show “The Sheriffs are Coming”.

Upon arrival the enforcement agents were let into the property by the woman named on the writ of possession. She advised that she had been expecting them and had packed most of her belongings ready to vacate the flat.

A man, who she claimed was her brother, was staying at the property illegally. He was less cooperative and refused to pack his belongings and leave. It was at this point that two friends, who he had called earlier, arrived at the property and forced their way in past one of the enforcement agents.

The man in the flat told his friends to “get knives from the kitchen and stab the bailiffs”. All armed with large kitchen knives, they started lunging at the enforcement agents with the knives. After a brief scuffle, the enforcement agents managed to get out, but not before one had had a knife stabbed into his back, cutting his coat and shirt.

The man and his friends came out, taunted the enforcement agents, and then ran off, but not quickly enough as one of the enforcement agents managed to chase down and restrain the man who had stabbed him in the back.

The Police arrived soon after and arrested the man who they said was known to them. They found he was carrying a variety of drugs and discovered the knives used in the attack inside the flat. He has since appeared in court and charged with common assault and GBH.

The Police are working with the enforcement agents, who have provided photographs of the two men who escaped.

The enforcement agents remained on site to complete the eviction handing the property back to the landlord.

I am relieved that our enforcement agents did not suffer any serious injury. The situation escalated very quickly and it just goes to reinforce how dangerous our job can be, as the number of attacks on enforcement agents continues to rise.

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