Last week we had an interesting repossession case. The defendant is a member of the Void Mortgages group, which believes that repossessions are unlawful unless the defendant gives consent.

Our client had previously used County Court Bailiffs to repossess the property. However, because they have to give notice, members of the group turned up to try and stop the repossession. And on at least two previous occasions, the defendant broke back in after repossession.

Not surprisingly, our client was unhappy with this state of affairs, so turned to The Sheriffs Office. As HCEOs, we do not have to give notice. We attended, gained entry, secured the property and left a security guard there - all within three hours.

Our client has since told us that, although someone keeps leaving notes to say the security guard is there illegally, no one has broken back in and it remains secure. So, to avoid a void repossession and Void Mortgages, get The Sheriffs Office on the case!

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