In late 2015, the directors of Adept Enforcement, the trading name of Adept Legal Services Limited, transferred the management of their business to The Sheriffs Office (a trading name of SHCE Limited).

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to all Adept Enforcement clients and we undertake to provide you with the high level of service you expect.

Just like Andrew Ewart-James and Nicholas Alexander, we are also a firm of authorised High Court Enforcement Officers, providing nationwide enforcement of High Court writs, including writs of control (which used to be known as writs of fieri facias) to recover money, writs of delivery to recover goods and writs of possession to recover property.

The links to the right of this page will give you more information about us, as well as a number of free eBook guides which you may find useful.

If you would like to instruct us, you can use our online instruction facility, alternatively please call us on 0333 001 5100.