Philip has been a litigator for over 40 years, dealing with a wide range of both criminal and civil issues. In 1977 he moved from private practice in Bromley to the London Borough of Camden, which was a political hotbed at the time. In May 1987 Philip joined the City of London Corporation and is a principal legal officer in the Comptroller & City Solicitors Department.

Enforcement of judgments has formed a large part of Philip’s work over the years particularly possession of land, commercial premises and dwellings. Some work has been high profile. Managing the eviction of the Occupy Camp at St Paul’s Cathedral along with David Asker. Pursuing the Russian Trade Delegation and serving them with a summons which forced a rapid, successful  political solution to the LB Camden’s claim. Philip has worked with the Sheriff’s Office staff over the years developing and honing a procedure rapidly evict trespassers, normally on the same day as they occupy a site. This is done without a court order and is an extremely cost effective solution for land owners. 

Philip has worked closely with the Sheriffs office over the years to develop skills and methods  for dealing successfully with aggravated trespass cases. 

Philip maintains the City’s links with the  judiciary in the County Courts. He has been appointed to a number of honorary civic and positions and is a trustee of a small charity that works to alleviate poverty on the fringes of the City of London. Philip sat as a justice of the peace at Bexley Magistrate Court for a number of years before joining the City of London, and he hopes to return to the bench in the future.

Philip is a keen aviator and holds a number of pilots licences including one for hot air balloons. He is also a keen cyclist and sailor.