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We offer a simple method of initiating your undisputed claim against your debtor for a fixed fee of just £75 plus Vat and the court fee.

Our experienced team takes the complication out of the sometimes daunting court procedure with our simple tried and trusted claim process.

Once your claim has been submitted, the defendant has 14 days in which to submit a defence. If no defence is submitted, you obtain judgment by default. This enables you to use a variety of enforcement methods to recover the monies owed. Should the total sum of the judgment, including the court costs, exceed £600.00, then you can utilise the extensive powers of our own High Court Enforcement Officers, securing collection rates consistently higher than those of the competition.

Should the defendant respond within the timescales specified with a defence, the judgment will be transferred to a county court and you will have your opportunity to put your case before a district judge, in person if required. You will either need to represent yourself in court or engage a solicitor. The Sheriffs Office can provide details of solicitors local to you from our panel of solicitors.

We have a panel of experienced solicitors operating nationwide should you require legal advice and or support.