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If you wish to utilise our excellent debt collection service then we are pleased to be able to offer proven proactive methods and bespoke solutions ensuring quick payment and settlement of outstanding invoices and accounts.

Combining extensive experience, a skilled team of recovery specialists and state of the art technology working in conjunction with our own Tracing Agents, we will achieve the maximum recovery for the minimum cost to you.

Letter Before Action (LBA)

This confirms the exact amount of monies owed by the debtor and gives them formal warning that if payment isn't received by the date requested, usually within 14 days, then court proceedings may commence. It also makes it clear that any proceedings issued will also include a claim for Court fees and costs where applicable.

Many debtors will be aware that our debt collection team is part of The Sheriffs Office, further prompting fast payment to avoid court action and enforcement.

We will also look to claim lawful interest on your behalf so at the end of this process you may actually end up with more than the original debt!

A ‘Letter Before Action’ can be sent within 24 hours of receiving your instruction.

Supporting Legal Services

Should the debtor still refuse to pay, our own Money Claim Online service offers a simple, easy to use method of issuing your undisputed claim against your debtor. Our experienced team of associate solicitors will take the complication out of the sometimes daunting court procedure. Please contact us for further information.


This will enable you to use a variety of enforcement methods to recover the monies owed. Should the total sum of the judgment, including the court costs, exceed £600 you can utilise the extensive powers of our own High Court Enforcement Officers, boasting the highest collection rates available.

For more information please contact us or call us on 0845 688 9757