Do you provide process serving?

Yes we do. Please contact us on 0333 001 5100 for further details.

Do you work with the Police?

Yes, where we consider there is a risk of there being a breach of the peace, we will ask for Police assistance. In the case of evictions and repossessions, these are normally planned with the Police and executed with their attendance.

How do I remove squatters from residential premises?

Squatting in residential premises is now a criminal act. You should call the Police who will attend to arrest and remove them.

Do you carry out risk assessments?

Yes, this enables us to plan the size of the team and Police support required, any specialists and equipment that may be needed, as well as identify potential risks so we can take preemptive action, for example to prevent access by squatters to the roof.

How do I remove squatters from commercial premises?

They will need to be removed under a writ of possession.

How do I remove squatters from land?

You can either use Common Law to remove them or obtain a writ of possession against "persons unknown". Government advice to local authorities is that they should take court action. Read more.

Can you remove protesters from a site?

Yes we can. Depending on what type of site it is, we will either evict from land under Common Law or a writ of possession. Evictions from commercial premises must be conducted under a writ of possession.

How do evictions work?

This video provides an introduction to evicting trespassers from your property: