About The Sheriffs Office

Why should I use High Court Enforcement Officers instead of County Court Bailiffs?

Simple. Our success rate is far, far higher. County Court Bailiffs are salaried civil servants whereas we are paid on results. It is also cheaper to obtain a writ of control (known as a writ of fieri facias or fi fa prior to 6th April 2014) than the Warrant of Execution needed by the County Court Bailiffs. Furthermore County Court  Bailiffs cannot enforce Judgments or Orders over £5,000. Read more about this in our article.

Where are you based and what areas do you cover?

We have offices in Croydon and Northampton. We provide a nationwide enforcement service, covering all of England and Wales.

This video provides more information on the services we offer:

How quickly will an enforcement agent attend the address as directed?

Once the notice period has passed, we aim to have an enforcement agent in attendance as soon as possible, usually within a few days.

Are you a Government agency or a private business?

We are a private limited company authorised by the Ministry of Justice.

Who are your authorised officers?

We have three authorised High Court Enforcement Officers - Peter Watt (Chairman), Chris Badger (Director of Enforcement) and David Asker (Director of Corporate Governance).

Do you collect Council Tax arrears or parking fines?

No, we specialise in the enforcement of judgments for private individuals, businesses of all sizes, landlords, as well as solicitors acting on behalf of those clients.

Do you provide process serving?

Yes we do. Please contact us on 0333 001 5100 for further details.

Can you enforce judgments in Scotland?

No, Scotland has a different system. However, if the defendant is based in England or Wales, we can enforce a Scottish judgment.

Can you enforce judgments awarded in other countries?

If the defendant is based in England or Wales, then the judgment can be enforced by us. You can read more here.

Who do I contact with a media enquiry?

Please contact Scaramanga Marketing by email or phone on 020 3371 3295.

Please note that Scaramanga Marketing is only able to assist with media and marketing enquiries. If you wish to instruct The Sheriffs Office on an enforcement matter, please call 0333 001 5100.

Do you work with the Police?

Yes, where we consider there is a risk of there being a breach of the peace, we will ask for Police assistance. In the case of evictions and repossessions, these are normally planned with the Police and executed with their attendance.

Are you Certificated Bailiffs?

The term Certificated Bailiff has been replaced with Certificated Enforcement Agent. This is a person who has been assessed by a judge to evaluate his ability to act as an enforcement agent. The certificate is valid for two years and is awarded to individuals.

So while The Sheriffs Office as an organisation is not certificated, our enforcement agents are Certificated  Enforcement Agents, so you can instruct us to act under Common Law on your behalf.