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About cookies

Cookies are small packets of information stored by a web browser on your computer.

There are two main types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies

Session cookies are removed from your computer when you close your browser and are mainly used, for example, to store information about the items in your shopping basket.

Conversely, persistent cookies remain stored on your computer until they are deleted or when they reach their expiry date. This type of cookie is often used to anonymously track your activity on a website so the website owner can analyse the data to see if there are ways they can improve their website.

There are many reasons why a website may use cookies, however, the important thing to know about them is they are harmless.

Cookies used by this website

Like every other website on the Internet, we also use cookies. We mainly use them to help us understand how our website is performing.

As there are only a few cookies used on this website, we have listed them all here.


This website uses a Content Management System called ExpressionEngine, which installs a number of cookies to track a user's session, when they last visited or did something on the site.  


  • Description: Contains the last 5 pages viewed. Typically used to return your to a page after receiving an error message.
  • Duration: End of session.


  • Description:  Date of the user’s last visit. Can be shown as a statistic for members and used by the forum to show unread topics for both members and guests.
  • Duration: 1 year.


  • Description: Records the time of the last page load. Used in conjunction with the last_visit cookie.
  • Duration: 1 year.


  • Description: Tracks submitted data between pages on the secure online instruction forms.
  • Duration: End of session.

Other cookies


  • Description: This website uses more than one computer server to work. This cookie is used to send the same customer's request to the same server whenever possible and it helps keep the website running quickly and efficiently.
  • Duration: End of session.


  • Description: Records the size of your browser window to determine if you are using a mobile device. If you are then this website will deliver content, like images, optimised for mobile devices to provide a better user experience.
  • Duration: End of session.


  • Descritpion: This Website uses Capture+, a service provide by PostcodeAnywhere. A single cookie called pcaInstallationId is used to retrieve a list of addresses previously retrieved by the user from PostcodeAnywhere database.
  • Duration: 1 year.

To find out more about PostcodeAnywhere’s privacy policy please visit:

__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz

  • Descritpion: This website use Google Analytics to monitor traffic levels, search queries and visits to this website. Google Analytics stores IP address (anonymously) on its servers in the United States, and neither this website or Google associate your IP address with any personally identifiable information.
  • Duration: A mixture of both persistent and session cookies are used and most last for 1 year.

More information about Google’s cookie policy can be read at

Refusing cookies

Most browsers allow you to refuse to accept cookies, however, blocking cookies will have a negative impact upon the usability of some websites.

Managing cookies for each browser differs, so we have provided links to more detailed information for some the more popular browsers: