Faster and better - our new case management system

By David Asker on

We have just completed the implementation a new and much improved case management system which will provide many benefits to our clients.

These benefits include:

  • Faster transfer up of judgments
  • Customised according to the client’s preferences
  • Faster attendance due to automation and flexible work management
  • Improved and faster reporting, including the enforcement agent app
  • Client online access
  • Everything in one place

Faster transfer up of judgments

We have made several changes to our transfer up systems, which means that we can now obtain the writ of control within 48 hours of inputting the instruction in the majority of cases. We will normally issue the notice of enforcement the same or next day after we receive the sealed writ.

This means that, in a typical case, if we receive an instruction on Monday, we expect to have the sealed writ and the notice of enforcement despatched by the Thursday. In some cases, this may be by the Wednesday.

Customised according to the client’s preferences

Our new system allows us to store client preferences and ensure that these are visible to every member of staff involved in the enforcement. This could include instructions to only accept certain types of payment arrangement, the way you would like your reporting, batch reports, financial statements etc.

Faster attendance due to automation and flexible work management

Our new system automatically schedules an enforcement agent (EA) attendance once the notice of enforcement has expired. The EA, who is issued with a tablet, is instructed electronically with all the relevant paperwork so that they can schedule the visit.

This now enables us to get the EA out to attend at the debtor’s premises more quickly after the expiry of the notice of enforcement. The EA retains the file enabling further attendances including out of hours where necessary.

Improved and faster reporting, including the enforcement agent app

The system retains a complete history of the case and the EA in the field has access to this, including the client’s preferences.

The EA has a specific app to enable them to upload mages, set up payment arrangements (which are set up to automatically remind if debtor falls behind with payments), and send a voice recorded attendance report, which is typed up at our office, then made available very quickly to the client via email and our online client access service.

Client online access

Clients have access to their cases online, which will include EA reports and case notes, to see the details of their case or cases.

Everything in one place

Everything relating to the case is stored in one place within the system – all the court paperwork, the EA reports, all the emails sent and received, logs of phone calls, details of each EA visit, including when the visit took place and the automatically allocated fees and monies.


We are already seeing great benefits for our clients with our new system and will be rolling out access to clients over the coming weeks, so will be in touch to arrange your access.

David Asker

David is an authorised High Court Enforcement Officer and our Director of Corporate Governance

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